Entry deadlines for MTB Orienteering World Cup:

01st September 2013
ENTRY FORM C (name entry):

# each competitors family name and first name, class or gender and
year of birth + information on whether the athlete borrows
an SI-card or uses his owns SI-card (also enter the SI-card number)
+ family name and first name of each team official.

Entry deadlines for WMMTBOC and Open competitions:

01st August 2013 (or by 01st April for reduced prices)
ENTRY FORM (final entry):

# country + each competitors family name and first name, class
or gender and year of birth + accommodation and entry fees +
e-mail, address and telephone/fax numbers + payment for
accommodation, meals, public transport and entry fees.

Summary of entries received (at 20th September):

Entries 20th September

Live Coverage


On our website you'll be able to follow MTBO WCup’13 and WMMTBOC’13 events with live results, live TV coverage, GPS Tracking, Live Blog, text commentary, pictures, video, and route choices: www.wmmtboc2013.fpo.pt.

a. Live TV/Web Coverage

There will be an on-line internet service TV based on several cameras positioned in the forest and in arena. The output from TV cameras will be provided for spectators in the arenas at every competition, using one large screen.

Cameras are not marked in the map and are positioned close to the controls, on legs and also mobile. Athletes will see staff (cameraman, assistant, spotter) or journalists near controls in all competitions.

b. GPS tracking

GPS-tracking will be used in all competition of MTB World Cup 2013 Final Round. Tracking is a free service for online spectators.

c. Live Results

At the event website, organization provides live results for all competitions. In MTB World Cup 2013 Final Round there are some radio controls and preliminary results will be published every minute in World Masters MTB 2013.

d. Live Blog

Live Blog is available from 10th October until 14th October.


Event Honor Committe

pr-grandolaGraça Guerreiro Nunes
Mayor of Grândola

Even for those with a keen sense of direction, as it is certainly the case for the international participants of Mountain Bike Orienteering events, that will take place on our territory, it is very easy to lose their hearts, falling in love with a County with flaring landscapes, where the mountains lean over the sea after having embraced the Alentejo plains.
Here you will find a surprising gastronomy, which harmoniously combines the fresh aromas from the sea with the strong and hot flavors from Alentejo. Here you will discover a warm and brotherly people, who like to welcome those who visit us and choose our County to live.
To the organization of the MTB Orienteering World Cup 2013 Round 3, and the World Masters MTB Orienteering Championships 2013, and to all participants, I send my vows of a huge success, expressing our gratitude for the confidence deposited on us. I’m certain that our territory will prove to be up to this challenge and this privilege.

pr-santiagoVitor Proença
Mayor of Santiago do Cacém

On the way of major events
The Municipality of Santiago Cacém and the Alentejo Coast are, once again, on the path of a major international event. It is with great enthusiasm that we receive the worldwide community of MTBO and we are sure that you'll take the best memories of our landscapes and exciting tracks. We leave you the challenge to enjoy our gastronomy at the same time you soak up the hospitality and friendliness of our people.
A warm greeting to all the athletes, as well to all the members of the organization and other stakeholders involved in these two major competitions, to whom we wish the greatest success. Welcome to the municipality of Santiago Cacém!


pr-santiagoManuel Coelho
Mayor of Sines

Welcome to Sines, hometown of Vasco da Gama, one of the greatest navigators in the history of the world.
In 1498, using the most advanced navigation techniques of his time, he discovered the seaway to India sailing around South Africa in one of the most legendary voyages in the history of navigation and a milestone in the inauguration of the modern age and universality.
The memory of a navigational prowess like this should resonate with you, but Sines itself is an enticing territory of discovery, with a diversity of landscape that makes orienteering a stimulating experience and an experience of emotions.
Located in one of the best preserved coastlines in Europe, Sines' landscape includes steep cliffs, small beaches, dune systems, streams, marshes, hills, forests and man-made landmarks.
Sines is also endowed with rich historic heritage and hosts the biggest "world music" event in Portugal, FMM Sines - Festival Músicas do Mundo.
Our gastronomy is marked by the sea and its seafood and by the gastronomic culture of Alentejo region. This secular interaction creates a culture of quality in the art of cooking fish and shellfish mixed with the flavours of rural inland Alentejo.
Economically, Sines is consolidating its position as an important economical centre, with a great European port and many high tech industries, balancing industrial development and environmental quality.
I wish success to the organisation of the MTB Orienteering World Cup 2013 Round 3, the World Masters MTB Orienteering Championships 2013 and to all participants and visitors, hoping that you will have a great stay in Sines!

Start Groups and Bibs


Start groups


Start group allocation of four starting groups will be administered for World Cup Middle and Long races.

For Middle race, the fourth Red Start Group will consist of the follow­ing competitors, provided they are members of their Federation’s team (as per Competi­tion Rule 6.6) for this competition:

• the reigning World Champion of the format

• the 9 top-ranked competitors in the IOF World Ranking list as published 10 days be­fore the event. In the case of a tie, all competitors concerned will be included in the Red Start Group.

If the above rules provide less than 10 runners, the Red Start Group will be increased to comprise 10 runners by adding the next-best ranked competitors from the IOF World Ranking list (in the case of a tie, all competitors concerned will be included in the Red Start Group).

The Red Start Group is mandatory for competitors who qualify for it.


For the Long race there will be no “Red Start Group” but instead the 10 entered riders with the highest World Cup ranking will start last in the reverse order of their World Cup ranking.





Start bibs


World Cup participants for Middle and Long distance will receive start bibs numbered according to their start order.

For all other competitors (Masters and Open) it will be same start bib for all races.

The start bib should be attached in front of the bike.


Transport (extra cost)

We recommend car rental as the best way to move during the event.
A bus service to model event, races and banquet will be available, starting near event centre (Grândola) and from the centre of the accommodation towns:
€60,00 (from 10th to 13th October 2013)

Transport from and to the Lisbon airport can also be requested (please contact us).

Request transport with the Transport Entry Form

Ckeck the Rent-a-Car codes and prices here.

Rent-a-Car entry form here.

Rent-a-Car list of extras here.

Information about Electronic Toll here.

Entry fees

MTB Orienteering World Cup:


All participants = competitors + officials: €60 / per person

Middle distance: €40 / per person

Long distance: €40 / per person

Mixed relay: €90 / per team

Fee includes maps of all World Cup events and the Banquet.





by 01st August 2013

All participants = competitors + officials


Sprint distance


Middle distance


Long distance





MTB Orienteering open competitions:



by 01st August 2013

Sprint distance


Middle distance


Long distance





* - Accomodation and Transportation are not included on this fees

Account number for payments:
All payments are to be made to the Portuguese Orienteering Federation, as follows (all charges are paid by sender):

Bank name: Montepio Geral (Agency: Torre da Marinha)
IBAN: PT50.0036.0276.9910.0027.1984.3
Bank Address: Montepio Geral - Agência da Torre da Marinha
                      Rua Gil Vicente, 1 A/B - Torre da Marinha
                      P-2840-437 Seixal - Portugal


Bulletin #3


Bulletin #2


Bulletin #1







Tuesday 1st October

18:00: Start list of World Masters will be published


Tuesday 8th October

09.00-19.00: Opening Hours of the Event Office in Grândola (EC)

10.00-15.00: Training event


Wednesday 9th October

09.00-19.00: Opening Hours of the Event Office in Grândola (EC)

10.00-15.00: Training event


Thursday 10th October

09.00-19.00: Opening Hours of the Event Office in Grândola (EC)

09.00-15.00: Model Event (Grândola)

15:00: Deadline for World Cup Team Leaders to submit final entries for Middle distance (EC)

17.00: Opening ceremony in Grândola

17:30: Start list of World Cup Middle distance will be published

18.00: Ice breaker for all participants at EC

18.00-19.00: World Cup Team Leaders meeting at EC

19.00-19.30: World Masters Information session at EC


Friday 11th October

08.00-19.00: Opening Hours of the Event Office in Grândola (EC)

10.00-13.00: World Cup Middle distance (Grândola)

10.00-13.00: World Masters and Public race (Grândola)

13.00: Middle distance Prize-giving ceremony World Cup and World Masters (finish area)

13:00: Deadline for World Cup Team Leaders to submit final entries for Long distance (finish area)

14:30: Start list of World Cup Long distance will be published

15.00-16.00: World Cup Team Leaders meeting at EC


Saturday 12th October

08.00-16.00: Opening Hours of the Event Office in Casoto (near Sines)

10.00-15.00: World Cup long distance (Casoto)

10.00-15.00: World Masters and Public race (Casoto)

15.00: Long distance Prize-giving ceremony World Cup and World Masters (finish area)

15:00: Deadline for World Cup Team Leaders to submit final entries for mixed Relay (finish area)

16:30: Start list of World Cup Relay will be published

17.00-18.00: World Cup Team Leaders meeting (Sines)

18.30-22.00: Banquet in Castle of Sines

21.00: Overall World Cup Prize-giving Ceremony (during the banquet)


Sunday 13th October

07.00-14.00: Opening Hours of the Event Office in Santiago do Cacém

10.00: World Cup mixed relay (Santiago do Cacém)

10.15: World Masters and public race (Santiago do Cacém)

13.00: Prize-giving ceremony mixed Relay World Cup, overall Relay World Cup and Sprint World Masters (finish area)

13.30: Closing Ceremony

After 15pm: departure (from Santiago do Cacém)


Monday 14th October





IOF - International Orienteering Federation | www.orienteering.org
POF - Portuguese Orienteering Federation | www.fpo.pt

FPO     iof

Event Director: Augusto Almeida
Event Vice-Director: Joaquim Patrício
Event Secretary: António Rodrigues
Maps & Courses: Alexandre Reis and Hugo Patrício
Media Coordinator: Hugo Borda d'Água
IT: Nuno Leite

Event Advisors:
IOF Senior Adviser: Christian Gigon / SUI
POF: Tiago Fernandes / POR

Welcome note

Portuguese Orienteering Federation (POF) is very glad to welcome the best Mountain bike orienteer's of the world to the Costa Alentejana region, in the southwest of Portugal.
Costa alentejana is a very well preserved natural region and offers you beautiful landscapes and wonderful beaches.
Here you will have the opportunity to compete in hard but interesting terrain, to provide you with the best challenge for mountain bike orienteering.


Federação Portuguesa de Orientação – FPO
Estrada da Vieira, 4 – Bairro Florestal – Pedreanes
P – 2430-401 Marinha Grande
Tel./Fax: (00) (351) 244575074

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The event center will be held at Grândola.
130km south of Lisbon and 170 Km north of Faro international airport.

See more information at Map Overview

Participation Restrictions

Participation restrictions in World Cup:

Each federation may enter a team of 12 competitors – up to 6 women and 6 men in each MTB Orienteering World Cup event, and an unlimited number of team officials.

For mixed relay: A maximum of 4 teams of 3 riders per member federation. Each team must include at least one person of
each gender" (see special rules for MTB Orienteering WC 2013).


Doping is forbidden. Doping control will be done throughout the competition.
The organizers are committed to do everything required to assist the official anti-doping authorities at MTB Orienteering World Cup to successfully and transparently undertake their work. We strongly support all positive efforts to keep our sport clean and doping-free.
This event applies IOF Anti-Doping Rules, valid at the time of the event.
Please consult http://orienteering.org/anti-doping/ 

Health Care

The Organizer will provide first aid at the competition centre and at the arenas of each event.
The Organizer will not bear costs connected to health insurance of participants.
We recommend each individual to arrange their own personal health insurance.
Participants take part at their own risk.
The nearest hospital is on Santiago do Cacém (Hospital do Litoral Alentejano).


Countries that do not need visas for entering in Portugal:

All countries of European Union, Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Croatia, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico,
Monaco, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, United States of America, Uruguay, Vatican City, Venezuela and the Special Administrative Regions of the Popular Republic of China: Hong Kong (passport from "Hong Kong Special Administrative Region").

For other countries please contact the Portuguese embassy in your country.
If a personal invitation from the organisers is required for the visa, please contact us.


During October you can expect temperatures from 18º to 27º Celsius during the day and from 10º to 16º at night.

Media Services

Media representatives are cordially invited to come to Costa Alentejana to cover the World Cup and World Masters Championships races.
Media registration should be performed by email by 01st August 2013 using the Media Entry Form.
Media facilities will be available only to registered media representatives